Personal webpage of Marek Eliáš

I am a postdoc at EPFL in the group of Michael Kapralov.

Until September 2018, I was a PhD student at TU Eindhoven, my advisor was Nikhil Bansal.


INJ 132
Station 14
CH-1015, Lausanne

My papers

Nikhil Bansal, Martin Böhm, M.E., Grigorios Koumoutsos, Seeun William Umboh.
Nested Convex Bodies are Chaseable.
Algorithmica (in press): arXiv
Extended abstract appeared in SODA 2018: proceedings, DOI

Nikhil Bansal, M.E., Grigorios Koumoutsos, Jesper Nederlof.
Competitive Algorithms for Generalized k-Server in Uniform Metrics.
Appeared in SODA 2018: proceedings, DOI, arXiv, slides

Nikhil Bansal, M.E., Grigorios Koumoutsos.
Weighted k-Server Bounds via Combinatorial Dichotomies.
Appeared in FOCS 2017: proceedings, arXiv

Nikhil Bansal, M.E., Łukasz Jeż, and Grigorios Koumoutsos.
The (h,k)-Server Problem on Bounded-Depth Trees.
Appeared in SODA 2017: proceedings, DOI, slides, arXiv

Nikhil Bansal, M.E., Arindam Khan.
Improved Approximation for Vector Bin Packing.
Appeared in SODA 2016: proceedings, DOI

Nikhil Bansal, M.E., Łukasz Jeż, Grigorios Koumoutsos, Kirk Pruhs.
Tight bounds for Double Coverage against weak adversaries.
Theory of Computing Systems. journal version, DOI
Extended abstract appeared in WAOA 2015: proceedings; submitted version (including appendix)

M.E., Jiří Matoušek, Edgardo Roldán-Pensado, Zuzana Safernová.
Lower bounds on geometric Ramsey functions.
SIAM J. Discrete Math: arXiv, DOI
Extended abstract appeared in SoCG 2014: DOI

M.E., Jiří Matoušek.
Higher-Order Erdős–Szekeres Theorems.
Advances in Mathematics: arXiv, DOI
Extended abstract appeared in SoCG 2012: DOI

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