Bocconi TCS reading group

In weekly meetings, open to all interested researchers from Bocconi University and their guests, we discuss recent advances in Theoretical Computer Science. The meetings are organized by Laura Sanità, Adam Polak, and Marek Eliáš.

The special topic chosen for the current semester are Algorithms with Predictions.

List of talks:

Moritz Venzin presents paper:
Competitive ratio versus regret minimization: achieving the best of both worlds by Daniely, Mansour.
Marek Eliáš presented paper:
Mixing predictions for online metric algorithms by Antoniadis, Coester, Eliáš, Polak, and Simon.
Lucas Pesenti presented paper:
Learning Predictions for Algorithms with Predictions by Khodak, Balcan, Talwalkar, Vassilvitskii.
Tommaso d'Orsi presented paper:
Max-Cut with ε-Accurate Predictions by Cohen-Addad, d’Orsi, Gupta, Lee, Panigrahi.
Martino Bernasconi presented paper:
Online Learning with Predictable Sequences by Rakhlin, Sridharan.
Adam Polak presented paper:
On Dynamic Graph Algorithms with Predictions by Jan van den Brand, Sebastian Forster, Yasamin Nazari, Adam Polak.
Lucas Pesenti presented paper:
The primal-dual method for learning augmented algorithms by Étienne Bamas, Andreas Maggiori, and Ola Svensson.
Moritz Venzin presented paper:
Speeding Up Bellman Ford via Minimum Violation Permutations by Lattanzi, Svensson, Vassilvitskii.
Adam Polak presented:
Introduction to ALPS