Personal webpage of Marek Eliáš

I am an assistant professor at Bocconi University in Milan.

Before, I was a postdoc at CWI and EPFL.

I did my PhD student at TU Eindhoven, my advisor was Nikhil Bansal.
Until 2014, I studied at Charles University in Prague and my advisor was Jiří Matoušek.


office number:
Department of Computing Sciences
Via Roentgen 1
20136 Milano

Research interests

Theory of algorithms, especially Online Algorithms and ML-augmented Algorithms.

Bocconi TCS reading group

My papers

Bandits with knapsacks with predictions
with Davide Drago and Andrea Celli
to appear in UAI 2024

Algorithms for Caching and MTS with reduced number of predictions
with Karim Ahmed Abdel Sadek
ICLR 2024: arXiv

Learning-Augmented Algorithms with Explicit Predictors
with Haim Kaplan, Yishay Mansour, and Shay Moran

Mixing predictions for online metric algorithms
with Antonios Antoniadis, Christian Coester, Adam Polak, and Bertrand Simon
ICML 2023: proceedings, arXiv

Paging with Succinct Predictions
with Antonios Antoniadis, Joan Boyar, Lene M. Favrholdt, Ruben Hoeksma, Kim S. Larsen, Adam Polak, and Bertrand Simon
ICML 2023: proceedings, arXiv

Learning-Augmented Dynamic Power Management with Multiple States via New Ski Rental Bounds
with Antonios Antoniadis, Christian Coester, Adam Polak, and Bertrand Simon
NeurIPS 2021: proceedings, arXiv

Differentially Private Correlation Clustering
with Mark Bun and Janardhan Kulkarni
ICML 2021: proceedings, arXiv

Online metric algorithms with untrusted predictions
with Antonios Antoniadis, Christian Coester, Adam Polak, and Bertrand Simon
ICML 2020: proceedings, talk by Christian, arXiv
ACM Transactions on Algorithms: DOI

Differentially Private Release of Synthetic Graphs
with Michael Kapralov, Janardhan Kulkarni, and Yin Tat Lee
SODA 2020: paper, proceedings, DOI, slides
also presented at TPDP 2019: slides

Nested Convex Bodies are Chaseable
with Nikhil Bansal, Martin Böhm, Grigorios Koumoutsos, and Seeun William Umboh
Algorithmica: arXiv, DOI
SODA 2018: proceedings, DOI

Competitive Algorithms for Generalized k-Server in Uniform Metrics
with Nikhil Bansal, Grigorios Koumoutsos, and Jesper Nederlof
ACM Transactions on Algorithms: DOI
SODA 2018: proceedings, DOI, arXiv, slides

Weighted k-Server Bounds via Combinatorial Dichotomies
with Nikhil Bansal and Grigorios Koumoutsos
FOCS 2017: proceedings, DOI, arXiv

The (h,k)-Server Problem on Bounded-Depth Trees
with Nikhil Bansal, Łukasz Jeż, and Grigorios Koumoutsos
ACM Transactions on Algorithms: DOI, arXiv
SODA 2017: proceedings, DOI, slides

Improved Approximation for Vector Bin Packing
with Nikhil Bansal and Arindam Khan
SODA 2016: proceedings, DOI

Tight bounds for Double Coverage against weak adversaries
with Nikhil Bansal, Łukasz Jeż, Grigorios Koumoutsos, and Kirk Pruhs
Theory of Computing Systems. journal version, DOI
WAOA 2015: proceedings; submitted version (including appendix)

Lower bounds on geometric Ramsey functions
with Jiří Matoušek, Edgardo Roldán-Pensado, and Zuzana Safernová
SIAM J. Discrete Math: arXiv, DOI
SoCG 2014: DOI

Higher-Order Erdős–Szekeres Theorems
with Jiří Matoušek
Advances in Mathematics: arXiv, DOI
SoCG 2012: DOI

My papers elsewhere

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